Push-Up Fitness Bracket Stretch Stand

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  • $75.00

1. For fitness exercise, the triangular fulcrum is more stable; the short shelf reduces the force, the balance does not vibrate, and the two sides are fixed and firm.
2. Shelf can bear heavy load, 25CM product can bear about 300-400KG, 50CM product can bear about 200-300KG
3. The bars of the parallel bars are straight, increasing the force distance, and the four corners are designed to reduce the weight.
4. Charcoal wood is smooth and wear-resistant, the lines are clear and beautiful, the anti-slip and it has a cushioning effect, and it is durable and strong.
5. Push-ups are the simplest and most effective way to exercise your chest muscles. Perfect fitness equipment, easy to carry, simple and practical design.

1. Commodity name: stand up wooden single parallel bars inverted stand push-up support carbon charcoal four corners
2. Material: charcoal wood
3. Features: Fitness exercise, push-ups to build muscles
25CM models can bear about 300-400KG, 50CM models can bear about 200-300KG
4. Packing size: small length 26CM, width 16CM, height 15CM
Large length 55CM, width 16CM, height 17CM
5. Product size: small length 25CM/9.84in, width 14.5CM/5.71in, high 11CM/4.33in
Large length 50CM/19.69in, width 14.5CM/5.71in, height 11CM/4.33in
Round rod diameter 4CM/1.57in, side plate thickness 4.5CM/1.77in

The package includes:
1 pair of wooden frame single parallel bars inverted stand