Hip Training Resistance Bands Workout

  • $19.99
  • $22.00

Material: polyester cotton, latex yarn, rubber band
Uses: lifting hips, beautiful legs, yoga strength training, etc.
Product weight: 0.15kg
Product color: black, green, purple, rose red, pink, blue, camouflage powder, camouflage purple, camouflage gray
Product size: S (66X8CM) M (76 × 8CM) L (86 × 8CM)

1: The knitting hips are made of knitted material, which can effectively prevent curling and not easy to wear
2: It is made of soft polyester-cotton fabric and embedded with high-elastic latex silk, which has high elasticity and high resistance
3: Uniform stress without curling 8CM widened design to make the stress on the legs even, avoiding the situation of product strangling and curling during training
4: High-elastic anti-skid and non-displaced inner two anti-skid lines, interwoven anti-skid design to ensure the stability of the training pose
5: Tension-resistant and break-resistant high-strength knitting, 100 latex yarns mixed with polyester-cotton tight lines, allowing you to abuse your hips
6: Applicable actions: Frog-style opening / closing / kneeling after kicking / hip bridge / squat / side walking
7: Uses: lifting hips, beautiful legs, yoga shaping, strength training, etc.